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The library resources

The library has risen together with the Foundation and is located on the ground floor of the Foundation seat. It is an essential instrument for the research activity, especially in the philosophical field, thanks to an original legacy of about 10.000 units, among which there are books, reviews, manuscripts and letters left by Prof. Marcucci. This legacy is going to grow in the future with possible donations from privates, Italian and foreign researchers.
The Legacy is divided in 15 sections:
  1. History of Philosophy (Storia della Filosofia - SF): this section contains the works of different authors (up to 1900) and the relevant critical literature about them; the volumes written by and about Immanuel Kant are quite numerous, and they are a useful tool for the research on the philosopher from Koenigsberg;
  2. Essays (Saggistica - SA): here you can find the volumes of general character written after 1900;
  3. Book series (Collane - COLL): this is the collection of the book series owned, founded and directed by Prof. Marcucci;
  4. Literature (Letteratura - LETT): the section contains fiction and poems of different authors, ancient and modern, starting from the Greek literature until nowadays, and the secondary literature;
  5. Arts (Arte - ART): this is the catalogue of the volumes about modern and contemporary artists (painters, sculptors, etc.) and about their exhibitions;
  6. Manuals (Manualistica - MAN): the section contains manuals of Italian and foreign literature, of history, philosophy and pedagogy for the school but not only;
  7. Reviews (Riviste): this section is extremely rich and contains Italian and foreign reviews, whose first issues are sometimes rare and difficult to find as they go back to the beginning of past century;
  8. Miscellaneous (Miscellanee - MISC): the [yellow] folders contain the reprints of reviews and volumes of several Italian and foreign authors. The section is very rich and useful for the scientific research on several different aspects of the philosophical culture, but not limited to it;
  9. Miscellaneous Silvestro Marcucci (Miscellanea Silvestro Marcucci - MISC-SM): the [red] folders contain several reprints of Prof. Marcucci;
  10. Photocopies (Fotocopie - FOT): the [green] folders contain many photocopies of Italian and foreign studies, which are themselves extremely useful for the research in many fields of philosophical and humanistic culture;
  11. Degree theses (Tesi di laurea - TESI L): the many degree theses, supervised by Prof. Marcucci during his academic career, are ordered by academic year and student (laureando); there are also the theses supervised by other university professors, starting from the 1950s;
  12. Doctorate theses (Tesi di dottorato e di perfezionamento - TESI D): they are ordered, as for the degree theses, by academic year and graduate student;
  13. Ancient books (Libri antichi - LA): this collection is composed of ancient and rare books, from the 18th and 19th century, owned by Prof. Marcucci's family;
  14. Manuscripts (Manoscritti - MS): the section contains many notes left by Prof. Marcucci, useful for the analysis of the evolution of his thought on Kant and other authors he had studied; there are also his working notes, his university lectures, his seminars, his notebooks, where he used to write the draft of his works;
  15. Correspondence (Corrispondenza - CORR): this is the collection of all the letters written and received by Prof. Marcucci with some of the most famous researchers and thinkers of last century, among which there are Luciano Anceschi, Georges Canguilhem, Pietro Faggiotto, Emilio Garroni, Karl Popper, Valerio Verra.
Sections 1-12 are directly consultable by researchers, as they are on open shelves; sections 13-15 can be consulted only after written request to the librarian.